When I was young, my parents would always tell me to turn the lights off when I left a room or to close the refrigerator when I left it open too long. Let’s not mention letting all the cool air out of the house by opening the front door. I guess that is where my passion around electricity usage and saving money got started. As I am now older, I pass the same wisdom to my children about turning lights off, closing the fridge, and something about growing up in a barn.

For over 20 years, I have worked in the energy industry and have held various roles in organizations that buy and sell electricity. I have a passion for electricity and finding unique ways to save money.

Since the Texas electricity market deregulated in 2002, I have shopped for the best deal for my own home. Soon friends were asking me if I could help them pick the best plan for their families. I quickly realized that not everyone was paying the same price for electricity that I was paying. Also that Retail Electric Providers don’t make this process easy or fair. Complex plans with unusual structures, usage fees, gimmicks, or even misleading pricing end up costing customers more money than needed.

Benjamin – Owner, Deer Hollow Energy LLC