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Customers with electric choice in Texas are eligible to join.

Whether your contract is current, about to expire or it has already expired, Deer Hollow Energy will evaluate your contract terms against current offered plans to determine if there is a better plan you could switch to today, next month, or when your contract expires.

What We Do

Deer Hollow Energy simplifies the world of electricity choice in Texas. We understand the details of plans that are complex, have unusual structures, usage fees, gimmicks, or even misleading pricing that end up costing customers more money than needed. We evaluate hundreds of offered plans to find the right plan for your household usage. We put you on the right plan and make sure you stay on the best plans for years to come, giving you piece of mind and even a few dollars back in your pocket.

Our Service And Pricing

Residential customers will have their home usage and current electric contract evaluated and compared against hundreds of energy plans offered. Deer Hollow Energy will manage your electric choice to ensure you are not overpaying for electricity for your home.

New member annual fee is $99 for the first 12 months. Existing members will be charged a reduced rate of $75 for the following 12 month period and beyond. Monthly payment options are available.

Why we do it

    Deer Hollow Energy takes the stress out of selecting your electric plan and keeps you on the best plan for your families usage. So, you can focus on what matters most.
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